Breaking Stereotypes


There’s often a misconception that if you’re into fashion, makeup, and modelling then you probably didn’t do that well at school. It also goes the other way around. If you’re in the medical field, then people assume you walk around with crocs all day and have no sense of fashion. It’s almost as if your sense of fashion is inversely proportional to your IQ.

Then there’s the other misconception that if you wear the muslim hijab surely you’re opressed, you don’t have much choice in clothing. Now this is wrong on so many levels- but that’s a topic for another day.

There was a hashtag trending a few months back; #ILookLikeAnEngineer, that aimed at raising sexism awareness in the workforce. It was retweeted more than 75,000 times by different women around the world proving there is really no rule to how an engineer should look like. One post recounted an experience where when informing a male work colleague that a new female engineer was hired in their office, he replied: ‘Has she got a beard?’.

It is stereotypes like this that I, along with other women, aim to break. Yes I am an eye doctor, yes I wear the hijab, and yes I love fashion. #ilooklikeanoptometrist #ilooklikeafashionblogger


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  1. Yvonne says:

    Loving your first blog post, Shereen!
    Sure we ladies can have brains and love fashion at the same time! We work hard, we excel in our work, we know how to have fun, and we love fashion! Who say a girl can’t do it all? Let’s break the stereotypes together! 😉



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