Trending at MBFWA Resort 18

It’s that time of the year again, when Australian fashion gets to strut the stage with its latest and finest at MBFWA Resort 18; one of the most exciting events on my fashion calendar. As always, we got to see some of Australia’s most beloved designers like Steven Khalil, Ellery, and Dion Lee, but were also introduced to new emerging talent like Raffles and The Innovators shows.

So what’s in hold for trends this year? This is my list of fave, and not so fave trends of 17/18:

  • Ruffles Ruffles and More Ruffles

Ruffles and bell sleeves are everywhere this season and are here to stay. This couldn’t make me happier, as I; for one, am a sucker for ruffles and its ladylike flamboyant attributes.

  • RED

Yes I know red is power, energy and passion. But I don’t really know how to feel about it. I don’t really own a single piece of clothing in red. Perhaps it’s time I should?

  • Shine & Sparkles

When done right it can be stunning! I personally have never been able to successfully tame ‘shiny’ without looking like a lit up Christmas tree, but I love seeing it on others! Especially at this year’s fashion week, check these amazing shiny pieces out:

  • Reserved Flares

This is the comeback of the flare pants. Yes those 90’s flare jeans we all had at one stage and thought were the coolest thing ever. Well. They’re back, but in more of a subtle way. And I actually quite like them!

  • Extra Long Sleeves

Talk about being Xtra; these sleeves drop far and beyond your hand even below the knees, giving that ‘oversized’ look. While aesthetically appealing on the runway, I’m not so sure how practical it would be.

  • Suited Up & Trench

Classic and timeless. What’s not to love!!

What’s your thoughts on these trends?


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